Sealed at factory and never opened. Vinyl is assumed to be mint, but cannot be sure until opening.

Near Mint

When I grade something near mint, you know the only thing that isn't perfect about it is that someone actually opened it. There could be a light scuff mark or two from taking it out of the sleeve.
The jacket will look like new.

Very Good++

These LPs appear not to have been played more than once or twice. You can expect to see scuffs or other insignificant surface marks ­ very minor ­ that will have no effect whatsoever on the sound of the recording.
Jacket will show very slight, just beginning ring wear. Maybe a little wear in the corners.

Very Good+

Records in this condition have obviously been played a few times, though they have been well taken care of. You can expect to see a few light marks, but they should have a minimal effect, if any at all, on the sound of the recording.
Jacket will very likely show noticeble ring and edge wear and maybe one or two other minor flaws. Anything more will be noted.

Very Good

These albums have been played quite a few times and although not abused you will see and hear signs of use. But, the music will dominate your listening experience and you shouldn't be overwhelmed by the various vinyl nuances, such as tics, pops, crackles and hisses. You should still be able to sit back and fully enjoy listening to an album in this condition.
Jacket will have a number of flaws, such as heavy ring and seam wear, writing, small seam splits, stickers, etc.


I try not to go here, but if it's a rare or exceptionally great piece of music that must be heard, then I'll offer it. But the noise will be very noticeable, and you'll want to find a better copy. Still, the record will be fully playable, and you should enjoy it because it's such wonderful music.
Jackets in this condition will have large seam splits, large writing, paper tears, or water damage. But it will still be fully capable of protecting the album inside.

I'll never go here on both the vinyl and jacket. This would have to be a case where the vinyl was playable with a bad jacket OR a real special jacket with the record not of much use. You won't see this very often!



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